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Modafinil Online in the UK and Canada (Legality)

Modafinil is considered a prescription drug in the United Kingdom, which means that it is legal to own, however, you may only buy it if you have a prescription from the doctor’s office. Also, only the one that has his name on the prescription will be able to pick up the product, unless he specifically lets the pharmacy know that someone else will be doing this from now on, such as a family member.

Generally speaking, it is legal for anyone to purchase it without a prescription, if able, however, the seller would be then breaking the law. This also applies to all similar prescription drugs such as Modavigil and Provigil.

Websites that sell Modafinil can only do so to an individual if he proves that he has a prescription. It is usually enough to attach a copy of the prescription to the order forms; however, a large number of online pharmacies tend to avoid selling these products due to the legal issues that may arise.

Ordering Modafinil from websites localized abroad, which may not require a prescription, is not illegal, but there is a big chance that the package will not be allowed to cross the border. This does not have any legal repercussions on the seller or the buyer, other than the fact that the customer may lose money. Furthermore, purchasing prescription drugs from unknown sources can be dangerous as there is no way of knowing if the product has passed any kind of quality control.

There is no limit to how much Modafinil one may own or carry around, however, attempting to sell it can have serious repercussions. There are no cases of individuals who have been jailed for this act, though. In most situations where an individual has been caught selling or attempting to sell prescription drugs, a fine was given. Pharmacies and other businesses that attempt to do the same thing may also lose their business license, along with having to pay a much larger fine.

Those looking to enter the country must keep in mind that, while the drug is not considered a controlled substance, they will still be allowed to only carry what is considered to be a reasonable quantity for a 3 months supply. No prescription or any kind of additional documents are required. Individuals who require a larger supply will have to carry with them a letter from the doctor that specifically states the quantity that they are carrying as well as the reason for which they must travel with such a large supply.

Modafinil in Canada

The Canadian government considers Modafinil to be a prescription drug, so you can only buy it if you have a prescription from the doctor. However, while it is illegal for pharmacies to sell it to individuals who do not have specific instructions from their doctor, owning or using the tablets is not illegal, read more here. Those who have relatives that have used the drug for a period of time and have stopped may ask for it and have it in possession without having to prove that it is theirs or that they are under treatment.

Modafinil cannot be purchased online, even with a prescription, however, there are numerous websites that sell all-natural products that claim to have the same effect. These are usually dietary supplements that do not have the same active ingredient as Modafinil and are not as efficient in treating narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder or obstructive sleep apnea, but may prove useful for individuals who are looking to enhance their cognitive abilities.

Those travelling to Canada must also keep in mind that while they may be able to enter the country with Modafinil, provided that they have a prescription for it or a doctor’s note that clearly states what pharmaceutical drug they are carrying, why they require it, and in what quantity it is, it is much more difficult to simply enter the country with a prescription and then use it in a local pharmacy in order to get the tablets.

The Canadian government is extremely strict when it comes to prescription drugs and foreigners may be required to go for another checkup to a local doctor, or to have their doctor exchange information with a local hospital in order to get the medication.

For Canadian citizens, getting a prescription requires that they suffer from narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder. The first two are confirmed by doing a sleep test, and the third one requires written confirmation from the employer. Once you have the prescription, you will only be able to purchase Modafinil from physical pharmacies. While there may be online drugstores located abroad that claim to sell and deliver prescription drugs anywhere in the world, it is most likely a scam as most packages that are entering the country are thoroughly verified and the drugs would not be allowed to pass through customs.